Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Agape Attire

Hello Dears!
Today I bring your attention to something we all love, CLOTHES, but not just any clothes, great quality rad clothes with a discount!!

Agape Attire are a USA brand whose main goal is to spread love and hope through their designs.
I love finding new independent brands that really put their all into their designs and brand name.
Some of the designs send a clear and awesome message of what they live for.  If you guys would like to know more just click HERE.

Their clothing equals quality, from materials used, to the heart and soul put into the designs. The deal mostly in unisex clothing, from t-shirts to crew necks to beanies, something for every man, women and their dog (well maybe not dog).

These guys have an awesome setup called the "Rejoice Crew" which basically gives there customs a chance to give back to the brand by promoting the brand anyway they can, I've decided to share is everywhere and anywhere. So this is where the discount comes in, For loving and sharing the brand i get given a 10% discount code to give out to all you lovely people. The code is "KMAYERS" use it on as many purchases as you guys want!

Sneak peek of some of my favourite gear they have at the moment
1. Yesterday, today, forever Tee 2. Called to be Bold Sweater 3.Move Mountains Tee  4. Young, Wild & Free Tank
Do yourself a favour and have a browse of the online store,  Agape Attire!

Much Love Dears xx

I Didn't Die, I just Suck

Hello Dears! So it's official i am probably the WORST blogger of all time. Now I could sit here and rattle off a bunch of bogus reasons as to why it's been over a month since i've posted, but to tell you the truth, I just plain suck at committing to something.

Because of this fact, I am not going to commit to this blog, this sounds bad, but its not what it sounds like, basically my theory is, if I don't put so much pressure on myself to commit to writing this blog, i am much more likely to do it more... If you are following any of this, chuck it a like!

Anywho back to the blogging; time to get up to speed with the who, what, where and wear, of the last 40 or so days.

Last we spoke I was on a plane to go back home for my best friends bridal shower, that was a real hoot, the bridesmaids did an awesome job. The foo was delicious, the games where hilarious and most of the all the bride was joyous!

Bridesmaid #1 Gemma, Bridey Locks herself, Hannah and Maid of Honor Meg
"Only 28 Days until she's Hitched" 
Since then I have been back for the wedding, which unfortunately due to my chaotic running around all day, L was only able to get one little snap before the wedding of loverboy and I!

Mmm iphone quality

The wedding beautiful, i was lucky enough to be asked to speak at the ceremony and i cried as they walked down the aisle as man and wife! 
It was a very surreal moment for me, it took 60 minutes for my best friend to change her name, start a family and live out her dream wedding, and i loved every second of it! So many congratulations are in order! 

You are pretty much up to date now, the only other exciting news is that Loverboy and I picked up our plane tickets for Canada today! WOOH! only 46 days to go! All there is left to do now is save and count down the day, hours and minutes! it's all so exciting! 

Well i think that should do it for now, this post has been very long winded, but i shall be back in a few short days. 

Much Love Dears xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This Little Light...

Hellos Dears, i'm currently on a plane heading back to my home town for a few days, unbelievably excited to be seeing my friends and my mumma bear.  So i thought i would attempt to get ahead on my blogging and have a few ready to go! 
This post today is on a serious note, also i hope it lets you guys get to know me a little more. Some of the names have been changed just to their nicknames, purely because I am unsure whether or not they would want to be mentioned, Enjoy dears! 

Friendship at its best. 
Over the years I have had my fair share of friendships groups, changing school a few times will do this. I've had numerous fall outs, multiple make ups and an abundance of laughs. Unfortunately through all of this I have also find myself with people in my life that called me a friend, they looked friends and at first acted like it too, but alas it didn't last. These friendships left me bruised, broken and not very trusting of people, which just sucked.  I ended up having to change schools due to constant bullying, which led to anxiety attacks and a major knock to my confidence and self belief. This is just an awful feeling, these people had me believing that i was a horrible person not worth much and that all the fights and problems were my fault. 
I couldn't handle school anymore, or any social situation, so i made the decision to move schools and make an attempt at a fresh start. Little did i know this would lead to three of the best things in my life. 

Fast forward a year into my attempt of a fresh start and I was smiling, happy and confident for the first time in a very very long time. I was lucky enough to move to a school were I already knew a few people. One of the girls I knew was Poshum we used to hang out a lot with another girl but never alone or one-on-one, in fact I doubt we ever would have hung out if it wasn't for this other girl. I am now lucky to call her my best friend. Poshum also introduced me to Gabba and Lil Who, i'd be a very lost little lady without these three girls. Blessed is the only way I can really describe our friendship, blessed to have such understanding and supportive friends, blessed that they come to me for advice and blessed that they are as quirky as me. 

I guess this little post is really just about "the light at the end of the tunnel". I'll be the first to admit, dark times suck unbelievably giant butt (to descriptive haha), and i'm sure all of you can look back on a time in your life that wasn't the greatest, but how many of you look back on it and see the "light" that came out of it. Because if it wasn't for horrible friends, panic attacks and my confidence issue I would have never changed schools, me and Poshum would never have become close and therefore I would have never met Gabba and Lil Who. 

The dark times are there so we learn to appreciate the good.  If it never rained no one would appreciate the sunshine (loving the cliche sayings today)

Chances are you will be hearing more about these girls as they are my third, fourth and fifth halves (Alex being my second) if its even possible to have that many halves haha.

I really hope this little post brightens someones day, and if you are reading this and you are in a dark time, it gets better, just keep looking for your light! 

Much Love Dears xx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Views, Graffiti & Photos

Hello Dears! Hope you are all doing well, I have something a bit different for you today.
The boy and I went on a little adventure today, we are both into photography, i'm much more of an amateur then him, but it's one of the funniest things we do together!

Eventually Alex is aiming to start up his own Photography site, but until he does every now and then i'm going to show off his talents for him! So please do enjoy!

This is my favourite of the day, the composition is just perfect.
Alex doesn't just work with black and white, I just seem to love b&w edits the most (personal preference i guess) 
To break it up a little here are some doubles of colour edits, still just as amazing really!

Now my dears if you liked any of these photos, you've got to stay tuned as there will be many more to come, and I can not wait to announce his Photography site when its up and running. Alex took so many more today, but obviously he wants to keep them for his page, so this is really just a quick teaser, hence why 100% of the photos are just me (he's obsessed) 

Leave him some love in the comments, I know he will appreciate heaps! 

Much Love Dears xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

All Things New

Hello Dears, its a new month, that means new things, I like to try something new each month, so if you lovelies ever have any suggestions, please do let me know :)

This month I have decided to change up my foundation routine a little. I swear by my Inglot YSM foundation and primer, but it does hurt to switch it up! I've recently been hearing great things about the Maybelline FIT me! Foundation, i'm so excited to try it! I also picked up the concealer to give a whirl!

I gave the foundation a little try, and oh me oh my! Love it, it goes on so smoothly, the coverage seems to be quite substantial, but without weighing down the skin and feeling cake... which in my books is always a win!

I haven't tried the concealer out just yet, but I do love the idea that Maybelline have already done the colour matching for you, it's simple, choose your foundation colour, mine is Classic Ivory 120, therefore the concealer is Light 10.

For the Quality of the product, the price is very reasonable, after hearing a few different reviews on the foundation I was dreading founding out the price so thank you Maybelline!

This product is a massive recommendation from me.

Next little item I picked up is a beauty product from The Body Shop. I am so excited about using this product and seeing how it works, I have very high hopes after the shop assistant sang its praises. The miracle product is an eye gel, the Elderflower Unperfumed eye to be exact. It's a clear gel that seems very light and not sticky or cluggy like other eye products. It helps to smooth out and reduce puffiness, which is something i really need! 

As I haven't yet tried out he product out yet my review really ins't that detailed, so over the next week i'm going to out it to the test and let you lovelies know al the details in a weeks time.

Last little piece I picked up isn't anything new on the market but it is something that I have been meaning to get around to purchasing, liquid eye liner, i grabbed one from Sportsgirl.

The felt tip means maximum precision, which has always been my downfall with liquid eye liner, nether the less it should still be interesting to see if I can get the hang of it. This is one of the cheaper ones i have seen as well, I think it was around $10.00, which for what it is, i'm really okay with it.

Well that's all so far, but like i said at the beginning if you have any suggestions, don't by shy, let me know, I love getting comments, makes my day!

Much Love Dears xx

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Bedroom Beauty Challenge

Hello Dears, now i Know i'm a little late with this post, but i have been a little distracted for the past few days, but nether the less, here it is, my response to Sprinkle of Glitters Bedroom Beauty Challenge.

The theme was LOVE, generally when people think if love they think of pinks, reds purples right?  well, those aren't colours you usually see me rocking, but hey, it's not a challenge unless you are stepping out of your comfort zone. 

This is my first little Make-up post so i hope you guys like, i'm planning on doing many more, so if you have any tips for me, leave a comment below :) 

Now on with the show!

I have decided to keep it rather simple on the face, just your normal concealer and foundation with a small amount of bronzer contouring the cheek bones and nose. 
As i said before pinks are exactly my jam, so i went for cooler toned pink, that when blended together have given off a nice peach tone. Simple eye liner close to the lash line and a good dose of mascara. for my lips i'm wearing a brighter pink to give a slight stain. 


Top Left: Australis pressed powder in the shade "deep natural" Top Right: (from left) Inglot stipling brush 27TG, Inglot under makeup base, inglot YSM cream foundation in the shade 41 & Garnier Miracle skin perfector BB cream in the shade light. Bottom Left: Beauty Essentials Be warm Pallet. Bottom Right: Australis Blush in the shade Rosy Cheeks.

Top Left: Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser for dark circles in the shade 20 light. Top Right: Australis colour Inject lipstick in the shade Jive Bottom Left: Covergirl Clump Crushed by Lashbalst Mascara. Bottom Right: Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner Pot in the shade Blackest black.

You can find all of the most of these products at your local drug store. For Inglot products you can go HERE.

Hope you all enjoyed this and if you are still wondering what the Bedroom Beauty Challenge is, you can head over the Sprinkle of Glitters blog by clicking HERE

Much Love Dears xx

Friday, 22 February 2013

Lust Have It!


Hello Dears! I have something really cool and exciting for you today! Now I don't know whether i'm just really behind on the times or live under a rock, but Australia finally has a beauty sample service!! I have been looking for something like this ever since i heard it was happening in the USA and UK. I really mustn't have been looking very hard though, but oh well, point is I have finally found it!

Now quick side note, i'm not getting paid for this little review or anything like that, i just love the idea!

But everyone in Australia NEEDS to check them out, HERE .
For those that have no idea what i'm going on about, the basic idea is a service that sends out a box full of beauty goodies in sample sizes monthly. So you can literally try and then if you like buy!

Best thing about Lust Have It! Its only $14.95 a month and you can stop at anytime, there are no subscriptions or cancelation fees (which is a big plus in my book)
Some of the brands you might find in your little treasure box make it even better;

and so so so so many more!!

I'm so excited to get my first delivery, and even more excited to post and try all the lovely goodies! So stay tuned for that one dears! Let me know in the comments if you have checked them out or even if you already subscribe to something like this and let me know how much you love it! 

Much Love Dears xx