Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This Little Light...

Hellos Dears, i'm currently on a plane heading back to my home town for a few days, unbelievably excited to be seeing my friends and my mumma bear.  So i thought i would attempt to get ahead on my blogging and have a few ready to go! 
This post today is on a serious note, also i hope it lets you guys get to know me a little more. Some of the names have been changed just to their nicknames, purely because I am unsure whether or not they would want to be mentioned, Enjoy dears! 

Friendship at its best. 
Over the years I have had my fair share of friendships groups, changing school a few times will do this. I've had numerous fall outs, multiple make ups and an abundance of laughs. Unfortunately through all of this I have also find myself with people in my life that called me a friend, they looked friends and at first acted like it too, but alas it didn't last. These friendships left me bruised, broken and not very trusting of people, which just sucked.  I ended up having to change schools due to constant bullying, which led to anxiety attacks and a major knock to my confidence and self belief. This is just an awful feeling, these people had me believing that i was a horrible person not worth much and that all the fights and problems were my fault. 
I couldn't handle school anymore, or any social situation, so i made the decision to move schools and make an attempt at a fresh start. Little did i know this would lead to three of the best things in my life. 

Fast forward a year into my attempt of a fresh start and I was smiling, happy and confident for the first time in a very very long time. I was lucky enough to move to a school were I already knew a few people. One of the girls I knew was Poshum we used to hang out a lot with another girl but never alone or one-on-one, in fact I doubt we ever would have hung out if it wasn't for this other girl. I am now lucky to call her my best friend. Poshum also introduced me to Gabba and Lil Who, i'd be a very lost little lady without these three girls. Blessed is the only way I can really describe our friendship, blessed to have such understanding and supportive friends, blessed that they come to me for advice and blessed that they are as quirky as me. 

I guess this little post is really just about "the light at the end of the tunnel". I'll be the first to admit, dark times suck unbelievably giant butt (to descriptive haha), and i'm sure all of you can look back on a time in your life that wasn't the greatest, but how many of you look back on it and see the "light" that came out of it. Because if it wasn't for horrible friends, panic attacks and my confidence issue I would have never changed schools, me and Poshum would never have become close and therefore I would have never met Gabba and Lil Who. 

The dark times are there so we learn to appreciate the good.  If it never rained no one would appreciate the sunshine (loving the cliche sayings today)

Chances are you will be hearing more about these girls as they are my third, fourth and fifth halves (Alex being my second) if its even possible to have that many halves haha.

I really hope this little post brightens someones day, and if you are reading this and you are in a dark time, it gets better, just keep looking for your light! 

Much Love Dears xx

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