Friday, 1 March 2013

All Things New

Hello Dears, its a new month, that means new things, I like to try something new each month, so if you lovelies ever have any suggestions, please do let me know :)

This month I have decided to change up my foundation routine a little. I swear by my Inglot YSM foundation and primer, but it does hurt to switch it up! I've recently been hearing great things about the Maybelline FIT me! Foundation, i'm so excited to try it! I also picked up the concealer to give a whirl!

I gave the foundation a little try, and oh me oh my! Love it, it goes on so smoothly, the coverage seems to be quite substantial, but without weighing down the skin and feeling cake... which in my books is always a win!

I haven't tried the concealer out just yet, but I do love the idea that Maybelline have already done the colour matching for you, it's simple, choose your foundation colour, mine is Classic Ivory 120, therefore the concealer is Light 10.

For the Quality of the product, the price is very reasonable, after hearing a few different reviews on the foundation I was dreading founding out the price so thank you Maybelline!

This product is a massive recommendation from me.

Next little item I picked up is a beauty product from The Body Shop. I am so excited about using this product and seeing how it works, I have very high hopes after the shop assistant sang its praises. The miracle product is an eye gel, the Elderflower Unperfumed eye to be exact. It's a clear gel that seems very light and not sticky or cluggy like other eye products. It helps to smooth out and reduce puffiness, which is something i really need! 

As I haven't yet tried out he product out yet my review really ins't that detailed, so over the next week i'm going to out it to the test and let you lovelies know al the details in a weeks time.

Last little piece I picked up isn't anything new on the market but it is something that I have been meaning to get around to purchasing, liquid eye liner, i grabbed one from Sportsgirl.

The felt tip means maximum precision, which has always been my downfall with liquid eye liner, nether the less it should still be interesting to see if I can get the hang of it. This is one of the cheaper ones i have seen as well, I think it was around $10.00, which for what it is, i'm really okay with it.

Well that's all so far, but like i said at the beginning if you have any suggestions, don't by shy, let me know, I love getting comments, makes my day!

Much Love Dears xx


  1. I love maybelline, reasonable prices for good stuff!

    I've tried the eyeliners with the felt nib before and I found they were good to start with but dried up quite quick. But they are good mind :)

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



    1. Thanks so much for the comment it means so much! I'll be sure to check out your blog! Xx