Monday, 11 March 2013

Views, Graffiti & Photos

Hello Dears! Hope you are all doing well, I have something a bit different for you today.
The boy and I went on a little adventure today, we are both into photography, i'm much more of an amateur then him, but it's one of the funniest things we do together!

Eventually Alex is aiming to start up his own Photography site, but until he does every now and then i'm going to show off his talents for him! So please do enjoy!

This is my favourite of the day, the composition is just perfect.
Alex doesn't just work with black and white, I just seem to love b&w edits the most (personal preference i guess) 
To break it up a little here are some doubles of colour edits, still just as amazing really!

Now my dears if you liked any of these photos, you've got to stay tuned as there will be many more to come, and I can not wait to announce his Photography site when its up and running. Alex took so many more today, but obviously he wants to keep them for his page, so this is really just a quick teaser, hence why 100% of the photos are just me (he's obsessed) 

Leave him some love in the comments, I know he will appreciate heaps! 

Much Love Dears xx

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