Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Year of Bliss...

Today was mine and Alex's one year anniversary, yes it was also valentines day! It's so strange to think that a year has gone by already. Thinking back on the first time we met in person, seeing him walk up my drive way and how i started to have a mini panic attack because i hadn't finished doing m hair or makeup. He was so quiet and so nervous, sitting on my couch just talking and being silly.

It was so odd to be so comfortable but so nervous at the same time, i suppose, well for me at least, thats how you know you like someone; you have this strangely high level of comfortability with them, but they still give you butterflies when they look at you, or make you feel a bit weak and sweaty (haha i know bit gross).

That first awkwardly cute kiss, sitting there with my legs resting over his leg, sitting nice and close, i swear my lip tingled when he kissed me.

Now i know this is all kind of sappy and gross and coupley gooeyness, but hey, it is V-Day post.

But i think the weirdest thing is; i still feel this exact same way, i still get nervous when he walks in the room, but i know i can still be a complete idiot in front of him and all i'll get from him is that same smile saying "you're a dork". If he kisses me, looks at me or touches me and my whole body tingles and goes weak.

I have such security in our relationship for these exact reasons, because i know for the last 365 days the only thing in my heart that has changed, is that the tingles and the butterflies just keep getting stronger!

I have truly had a year of bliss!

I am interest to know though, what are your thoughts on the tingles and butterflies? How do you see/feel love for someone!

Much Love Dears xx


  1. Congrats on the anniversary :)

    Nice that its on Valentines day. Double special. Double spoils! xxxx

  2. Lovely article, I'm now following you on bloglovin :)


  3. awe my first follower, thank you so much! ill check your blog out too!