Sunday, 10 February 2013

Finding my way...

So i've moved out of home, away from my family and friends, and well, I'm SCARED and thats putting it mildly, but so far in the process of planning to move and actually moving, i've learnt a few lessons and a few things about myself.

Lesson One - Stress less

This is something i have always struggled with, i'm a huge stress head. but with this situation  i was stressed about money, in particular, paying for flights and moving all of my stuff over to Canberra.
It really took all the fun and excitment out of it, which just sucked. instead of being excited to move, i was just constantly thinking about the money. 
I really learnt the meaning of let go and let live. it is so unhealthy to constantly be a stressy person, and i'm not just talking about physically, i'm talking emotionally and mentally. your life experiences will not be as amazing or life changing or memorable if you are just stressing the whole time. So take a chill pill, kick back and relax, don't worry be happy and all those other cliché sayings, you'll thank yourself when your 80 years old.  

Side Note: I'm not saying i wasn't excited at all to move, because i was, i mean that everytime i got excited i would also start stressing out. 

Lesson Two - Make it count 

So like i said, i moved away from my friends and family, to a place i barely know and where i also barley know anyone, now logic dictates that if i'm going to be doing something like that, i should make it worth my time and effort (and the for mentioned stress) and make this count for something. i obviously get an amazing boyfriend out of it and awesome experiences, but i'm not the sort of person to do anything half assed (excuse the french). 
I guess what i'm saying is you really need to put your all into every situation, whether its moving out of home or moving your room around, don't half-ass it. 

Lesson Three - Take it all in

I'm the sort of person that has always been focused n my future, almost to the point of missing out on the present. All through school and for the few years out i just wanted my future to start, so much that i wasn't making anything if my present. 
Through this move and over the course of mine and Alex's relationship i have learnt that theres no better time then the present. I hate the whole "yolo" craze but on one hand its true, you do only get one life to lead, so why try and rush through it to get to the end. Take a step back and learn to appreciate the little things in life, "smell the roses' if you will.

But i guess the most important lesson i've learnt is just to Love it, Just love the journey and the adventure, the ups and downs, because really thats what makes the memories last and worth keeping. 


  1. This is a really good post. I'm glad I read it actually because I'm like you in that I always seem to miss the present because of looking too far into the future!

    1. I'm gald you got something out of it :) thanks for reading!

  2. Very inspirational :) i will be sharing this with my friends !!!

    1. Yes please do :) i'll be sure to check your blog out too1