Monday, 11 February 2013

February Fixation...

Everyone can get a little obsessed sometimes, and me, well it seems i get a new obsession each month. So i thought i might as share them, give you a little glimpse into my mind, style and heart...

1. DIY Collar Shirt 2. Salt and Pepper greys 3. Nixon Tortoiseshell watch (pressie from the boyfriend) 4. Studded Collar with Camo Print, adds the perfect bit of grudge 5. Lolly dispenser (This is my boyfriends, but you can never have too much sugar :P) 6. Geometric Necklace from Rubi Shoes, class without breaking the bank 7. Camo print vest from Sportsgirl, it over sized and so comfortable, could easily wear it everyday 8. Everything and anything Wolf related, this muscle tank is from All About Eve

9. I think i just love animals, but everything and anything Panda related too, this over sized sweater is Kenji 10. Bulky rose gold collar necklace, also from Rubi Shoes & Finally 11. My pandora bracelet, i recieved it for Christmas from Alex and I love it. Its the black leather platted band.


  1. Hi^^,
    Uuuuh a chewing gum machine!!! Want it!
    XOXO Abby

    1. It's pretty Rad to be honest! fille dit with Skittles! so good! xx