Friday, 22 February 2013

When everything falls into place...BLISS

Hello dears! I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile but things have been hectic, as you will soon read. But i have lots of ideas up my sleeve for new blog post, and I promise to blog a little more often!!

 But on with the show! So if any of you have read my "The Adventure" page, you would know that this year, the boy and I have planned a little trip to Whistler, Canada, Well I am beyond excited! It's going to be hugely,awesome and an amazingly wonderful experience. But i haven't always been this excited, for the past two weeks (since we booked our flights) I have felt so apprehensive and stress. So after booking flights, that we luckily got for fairly cheap, we were looking into some accommodation. we are going for a month, so it can be fairly pricey, we were having a look around and found some nice studio apartments that were in our price range, I was looking into the booking/reservation policy... and thats where my freak out started, in Whistler 90% of the hotels or lodges don't allow bookings unless you are 25 or over... bit of an issue as I'm 20 and Alex is 19... So I guess you can see why freak out, here we were flights paid for, our hope as high as Whistler Mountain itself, and no where to stay...

More frantic searching and freaking out occurred for a few days until we found probably the only hotel that doesn't have an age policy, but it was UNBELIEVABLY pricey, about $2000 more then we budgeted for... So a little more freaking out and a little more stress.. then, the world smiled down on us and we found Rachael, the best lodging agent ever! This loverly lady found us accommodation, not only with no age limit, but $1000 under our budget!

When everything falls into place... its just utter bliss!! 

SO that is the first little story of everything going my way, now for story #2

The Company I work for was going under a few changes staff wise, they were changing things up a little. Basically they were needed most casuals to come up to full time... or have a lot less hours... or none at all, if you get my drift! I found this out the day after we booked our flights for Whistler, this just added to the stress of it all.
I used to be a full time worker, until I moved state and needed more time off then a full time position gave me. I just couldn't swing moving up to full time for a few reasons, so I panicked that I would soon be out on my poor, broke bum with a bills, commitments and a half paid holiday to pay for. It wasn't until last night at a little work dinner that my manager, approached me and told me there was no need to stress anymore, they are keeping me on! Immediately relief swept across my face and I could have cried haha!

So once again... When everything falls into place... its just utter relieving bliss!! I'm just super please about my last few days and how well everything is going (touch wood)that I just had to blurt it all out! I would love to hear your storied of "when everything falls into place" haha just to keep my faith alive!

Much Love Dears xx

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